Queen City Pets -Photography by Tara

Tara is a visionary Buffalo pet photographer whose passion and compassion have led her to shoot portraits of pets and shelter animals. She has been advocating for animals through photography for more than 15 years. Tara successfully creates compelling photos that show the spirit, energy, emotion, and beauty of a dog, cat, reptile, bird, etc. It takes a creative with an eye for impactful images to showcase the personality , beauty and soul of your pet ! 

As a specialist pet photographer, Tara also includes more diverse subjects — any furred, feathered, or scaled pet can find a place within her portfolio. Tara shoots both in studio and on location, always finding the “good boy” angle for portrait — head cocked, eyes forward. By using color studio backgrounds and props Tara also brings in a bit of diversity and class. Lastly, her outdoor photography sessions with dogs are full of the contagious energy and joy from games of fetch and chase.