$99 Father's Day Special !

Mini session

10- 15 minute session

2 edited digital files

your own gallery to choose

TWO edited digital files

(additional digital files and prints can be purchased)

A keepsake of your pets paw print - PERFECT for framing

Pricing & Packages

Studio Session Fee...$200

1 - 2 dogs

Located inside the boutique the studio allows us to be inside and unleashed!

■ 60-90 minutes on average

■ Sitting fee includes online proof gallery with 20+ portraits to choose from and 1 edited digital file.

■ Products are purchased separately (after your session is edited and in your online gallery).

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6 perfectly edited high resolution digital images
1 custom print up to an 8x10



10 perfectly edited high resolution digital images
2 custom prints up to 8x10



​20 perfectly edited high resolution images
5 custom prints up to 8x10


A La Carte

1 perfectly edited high resolution image .... $35.00
4x6 custom print .... $10.00
5x7 custom print .... $20.00
8x10 custom print .... $40.00
Custom print up to 17x22 .... inquire for pricing

*all fees do not include tax

On location shoot

If you are interested in an 'on location' shoot at your favorite spot in town just call and let's discuss the details. 716.259.1323

call for quote


What should I do to prepare my dog for their photo shoot?

My dog is shy /nervous/anxious. Is booking a photoshoot a good idea?

Do I have to order prints through you?

What should I bring to the shoot?

My dog doesn't listen well or know many cues. Is that a problem?

Is there parking ?

Can I be in a few photos with my dog ?


What should I do to prepare my dog for their photo shoot?

If you have a high-energy dog, we usually suggest a play session or a good long walk before the shoot, if possible. It may help them to focus and relax when they get in the studio.
Since food motivation is our main tool to capture your pup’s attention, it helps if you do not feed them right before the shoot, especially if they are only moderately food motivated.
If you get your dog groomed, you can time your shoot to your favorite stage of your dog’s coat-growth cycle. Hair growing into the eyes can make it hard to capture the full personality of your dog's face, so that's something to consider, especially for our doodle friends and pups with shaggy fur.

My dog is shy /nervous/anxious. Is booking a photoshoot a good idea?

It is surprisingly difficult to predict how a pup will respond to the environment of a photoshoot. It’s a unique situation, and most dogs have never been in an environment quite like this, and it may take them time to adjust… but they almost always do. How much time completely depends on the dog’s personality. Some pups strut in and immediately start posing, like a super model. Others take some time to warm up.
Here’s what Tara has to say about working with nervous dogs:
”In the course of photographing animals, I have learned 3 important tools when a animal is nervous:

1. Patience- We take our time, let the pup sniff around and check things out and get comfortable .

2. Persistence- Once we start shooting, we keep going until we find what works for your dog!

3. TREATS/ TOYS - The real secret weapon.

Through my work photographing new arrivals for local rescue organizations, I have worked with many traumatized dogs who have a very good reason to distrust humans. The good news is: most dogs are food motivated and curious enough to brave the new situation, and soon they are having a great time posing for treats and playing with toys.

Most dogs are easy, a few are challenging, but I am always determined to get gorgeous photos of your dog that show their unique personality.”

Do I have to order prints through you?

Nope ! You can purchase just the digital files and print them at your convince .

What should I bring to the shoot?

The studio stocked with a variety of snacks. If your dog is very picky, or has digestive issues, bring their favorite treat.
If your pup is a fashionista, bring a few wardrobe changes!
If your dog is obsessed with a particular toy or ball, bring that along.

My dog doesn't listen well or know many cues. Is that a problem?

As long as your pup is food or toy motivated, we will manage just fine .

Is there parking ?

Yes, there is free street parking out front, and free parking in the lot behind the studio. You can enter the lot from Hamilton Street.

Can I be in a few photos with my dog ?

Absolutely! We often do a “family photo” at the end. Let Tara know at the beginning if you’d like to do this, and she’ll make sure to leave time for one.

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